• Gordon Wilcock

Nesting Birds, Stoat & Fox

We will shortly be adding another page to the portfolio - nesting birds and their young. This will illustrate the enormous diversity of nesting sites and behaviour shown by our bird population in the UK.

As I have mentioned elsewhere I often leave a camera with a trigger system in a wood belonging to a farmer friend, off the beaten track and away from public footpaths. This was originally with the intention of photography badgers but they left the site shortly before I set up my camera! Nevertheless I decided to set it up anyway and see what the system photographed. This has included the occasional badger and other animals, some of which are featured on the mammals page. Generally it has been pretty quiet during the summer months but recently things have improved and I will be adding an image of a fox and one of a stoat to the mammal page, and also below. The fox is probably relatively young, and interestingly has patches of black fur on its face and some of its legs.

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