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Owls again!

Updated: Jan 17

January 13th, 2021

More owls! It is a month since my last Blog post which also involved owls. A lot has happened during this time: Christmas and New Year have been and gone, Covid-19 has escalated dramatically, and President Trump has been involved in very unhappy circumstances. Despite these and other happenings nature has carried on pretty much unaffected by it all. The Tawny Owl and Buzzard still visit the gate set up in the wood, and also a moss covered stump I have established as an additional perch.

However I now have contact with another owl as well as the Tawny in the wood. Friends told me about a Barn Owl that was flying around at midday. This is unusual behaviour as they are usually crepuscular and nocturnal, although they are known to fly in the daylight sometimes. So I took a camera on my exercise walk and had a look. The owl appeared on cue, leaving its tree base and heading for a large newly established tree plantation. However it kept low and was initially difficult to see, let alone photograph, as the young trees in their protective plastic tubes obscured it. Eventually it flew higher, but on spotting me took evasive action! Nevertheless, just before this I managed to take a couple of shots that caught it in mid-flight, one of which is below. They will both be added to the owl page in the portfolio, along with a small number of other Barn Owl photos taken elsewhere about 18 months ago.

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