• Gordon Wilcock

Return of the Stoats and visit from a Polecat

During the last month or so there has been a modest amount of interest in the gate mentioned in previous post. Both a buzzard, which visits it not infrequently, and a tawny owl, visiting during darkness, have been caught on the trail camera. Other birds showing an interest have included magpies and jays.

The stoats returned to their previous home for a few days and were caught on the photographic camera, and to my surprise a polecat also turned up. I didn't think the latter were seen much in England now, but I have recently read that they are returning to Gloucestershire from a few populations resident in Wales. Like the stoats it took over a burrow from another animal, and stayed for a few days and then moved on. I saw it several times in different parts of the wood.

I have inserted a picture of one of the stoats below.

This is the polecat - looks like a masked bandit!

The badgers are still very elusive, and although I have sporadic appearances on the trail cameras I don't often get a photograph on the DSLR. Nevertheless I will keep trying.

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