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Updated: Jan 13

As you may have seen in the portfolio, Sarah and I have set up a new page dedicated to owls - At present it is mainly showing photographs of tawny owls and there is a history to this.

Some months ago, with the kind permission of the landowner, I set up a wooden gate in the middle of a small wood, hoping it would be used by owls as a vantage point at dusk and during the night, and by buzzards in the daytime. The buzzards have been very active but the owls have been more elusive.

Although there was occasional sporadic interest from both tawny and barn owls it didn't receive much interest until a few weeks ago since when a tawny has visited frequently.

I set up a trigger system for a camera and flash gun which I left in place during the night. This is an arduous, but fun, task as over 95% of the photographs taken by this system are disappointing, and sometimes there are none at all as the owl may not visit for several nights.

Optimizing the system to obtain successful photographs involves a lot of trial and error, learning over time the owl's behavior pattern when it visits and adapting the camera system to this. Altogether it has taken around three months to create acceptable photographs, including those in the portfolio. This sometimes seems a long time but it has been a great experience and really worth visiting the site twice a day.

I will be adding some more barn owl photographs, and also additional photos of little owls, in the not too distant future. These are from the collection of owl pictures I have previously taken elsewhere, but I hope to take some new photos when I have the opportunity to. And I am also looking forward to photographing other species such as our UK short eared owl in due course. So, watch this space!

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