• Gordon Wilcock

Watching & Waiting . . .

It is a while since I last updated this because not much has been happening! The heat and rain both seem to have been associated with very little wildlife presence in that part of the wood I was covering and the stoats have moved on - I was hoping to capture some better pictures of them. Anyway, I have now removed the photographic camera and triggers for the time being. They survived the torrential rain very well.

I have put up a decrepit old gate as a perch in the middle of a grassy area in the centre of a different wood and set up a trail camera to keep watch. I'm hoping birds, especially owls and raptors, will find it and use it as a perch to watch for prey. Only woodpigeons have been interested recently but its early days - it often takes weeks for owls to find a new perch and use it, if they do at all.

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