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About Gordon Wilcock

My interest in wildlife, especially ornithology, started in my early teens when I lived near some scrubland in west London and mapped out its nesting birds. Around the same time I became interested in photography and used the family bathroom as a darkroom but my equipment was just not up to bird photography which then took a back seat when I went to university, although my interest in ornithology continued.

I have always been especially interested in raptors and for a little over twenty years I have been “following” a peregrine dynasty in the Pembrokeshire coastal region. About six years ago this inspired me to invest in equipment that enabled me to produce good quality images in such a tough environment.

I mainly visit reserves near home in Gloucestershire, and in Pembrokeshire, and less frequently elsewhere in the UK. 

We have a small wild life corner in our garden where I have established a hide from the remains of an old shed. I use this for testing out new equipment and strategies, and for photographing small birds in flight, and the small mammals that use it.

The interests of the wildlife always come first, and I am happy to just observe when photography would be too intrusive.

You are welcome to add to the comment section, or contact me directly on if you would like to.

​Finally, I would like to thank Sarah Conroy for all her work aiding me in setting up this website and Ellis Brewer for helping to maintain it. The website is in its early days, and we will be adding new pages as and when I have the images.

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