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Woodpeckers are special birds. They lead such interesting lives. As well as nesting in tree holes they hammer on trees as part of their courtship rituals, and use them as a site in which to search for food. However they also descend from the heights of a tree to the ground to feed, e.g. the Green Woodpecker seeking out ants in anthills.

We have three native Woodpeckers in the UK, Great Spotted, Lesser Spotted – often in practice as well as in name, and the Green Woodpecker. I have never managed to photograph a Lesser Spotted and only seen a few, as they hide away in the treetops. My favourite is the Green Woodpecker – I love its laughing call, and seeing the yellow rump as it flies away.

This section shows images of The Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker, including nest sites, young and pictures of them feeding.

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