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Tawny Owls

Tawny Owls, sometimes referred to as Brown Owls, are birds of woodland. It is they that make the expected too-wit too-woo call. In reality this is a combination of the calls of both female and male birds calling to each other. It is widely resident in the UK apart from Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.
You may have noticed that owls, including the Tawny, can seem to be able to turn their heads right round, although in reality this is actually limited to around 270 degrees. Such amazing rotational ability compensates for their eyes being fixed in their skull, rather than being able to move in the eye socket.
They mainly consume mice and voles which they pick up from the leaf litter on the ground between the trees. Like some other species they have adapted to living around man and can be found in suburban landscapes where small birds roosting in gardens are also prey items, as well as earthworms, and even fish from ornamental ponds!
Tawnies mate for life and the pair will fiercely defend their territory, even attacking humans if they perceive them as approaching their nest site too closely. Although they mostly nest in holes in trees they will also take over nests abandoned by crows or use squirrel dreys.

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