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Badgers, sometimes called “Brock” in children’s stories, are a very distinctive UK animal and much loved by most people, despite the controversy about them contributing to the spread of TB amongst cattle. They live underground in “setts” which can be very extensive, extending to many tens of metres and with several entry and exit points. Although they live together in social groups, when they leave the sett the adults usually forage on their own, rather than with other members of their clan. Scent is an important part of their life, for many purposes, e.g. as a warning of danger, creating bonds between family or clan members, marking out their territory etc. They also mark their territorial limits by creating latrines on their boundaries! The mainstay of their diet is earthworms and they may consume as many as 200 in a night. In general, however, they are omnivorous and have a very varied food intake.

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