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Peregrine Falcons

Peregrines are seen in all sorts of sites these days, but are typically residents of towering cliffs and quarries and other places that offer views from high vantage points and inaccessible ledges to nest on. They are however increasingly observed in cities, on high buildings such as churches, cathedrals and office blocks. Some even nest on electricity pylons. I imagine that it is the availability of nest sites and pigeons for food that determines where they settle.

These shots were all taken from a site in Pembrokeshire which I have been following for over 20 years. The adults frequently nest on the ledge shown in some of the photos. It is high up on a tall cliff above the sea and can only just be seen from a public footpath on the clifftop on the opposite side of the small bay encircled by the cliffs. This is around 180 metres from the ledge and the distance together with the usual rain and wind make it a challenging photographic task.

As well as pictures of the adult birds the images show several stages in the early life of the brood, starting with the clutch of  eggs, progressing through to young brood  covered in down and then  fully feathered juveniles soon to take to flight.

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